Economist & Wells Fargo Consultant Michael Swanson To Address MWFPA Convention

Michael Swanson, an agricultural economist and consultant for Wells Fargo, the largest commercial agricultural lender in the United States, will provide his economic outlook and strategic advice to MWFPA members as our Thursday, November 29th breakfast keynote speaker during this year’s annual convention in Rochester, MN.

Good producers and companies deal well with the changes in the market. The difficulty comes from knowing which changes to respond to and when. What is changing in agriculture today? And, what should a good producer or operator do about it?

Currency exchange rates and biofuels impacts have cycled against agriculture. There are some very important things to understand about their impacts. Michael’s presentation will discuss real choices that make a big difference to the producers and their input suppliers.

Based in Minneapolis, Michael’s responsibilities include analyzing the impact of energy on agriculture and forecasting for key agricultural commodities and livestock sectors. He helps develop credit and risk strategies for Wells Fargo’s customers, and performs macroeconomic and international analysis on agricultural production and agribusiness.

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For more on Michael:


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