“BE BOLD” Report Underscores Importance Of WI Food Industry, Recommends Actions To Strengthen Sector

Competitive Wisconsin, a non-partisan coalition that engages business, education, agriculture and labor in strategic collaborations dedicated to strengthening and growing the Wisconsin economy, has released a report underscoring the importance of food manufacturing to Wisconsin.

BE BOLD III: Accelerate Wisconsin focuses on workforce and regulatory issues, but also touches on infrastructure concerns and the need to enhance public understanding of the critical role food manufacturing plays in WI’s economy and quality of life.

The Accelerate Wisconsin report takes note of WI’s food manufacturing industry (e.g., 64,000+ jobs, $8 billion+ in revenues, first in the nation in production of dairy products); explores what is and is not working for the sector in Wisconsin and elsewhere; and identifies the public and private sector actions that would enhance the ability of Wisconsin food manufacturing to create jobs and grow wealth in Wisconsin.

Accelerate Wisconsin is an initiative tasked with reviewing two business clusters – food manufacturing and health care – that were already performing well in Wisconsin and identifying best practices and innovation models in comparable areas that could enable them to perform even better.  The food manufacturing portion of the report is the first section to be released.


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